Inside LIPP Studios

“Maybe it’s the colors — those unapologetic touches of gold and pops of pink at every turn.  Maybe it’s the quote on the wall reminding me “on a bad day, there’s always lipstick”, or the jars of colored pigments, bags of empty tubes and boxes of metal molds all ready to help me make a little magic, at a moment’s notice…Or maybe, it’s all these things combined that make LIPP Studios my happy place.” — Aleah Rae, Founder of LIPP 

Part production hub, part creative office, our Washington, DC area studio is the epicenter of everything LIPP.  Launched in May 2016 by pro-MUA and color mixologist, Aleah Rae Dorsey, LIPP is no ordinary beauty brand.  Our mission?  To reinvent the way YOU buy lipstick.  Offering cruelty-free, made-to-order LIPPsticks at an affordable price, we’re making it easier than ever to indulge in a wardrobe of lipstick shades for every occasion! Our skin-tone specific sample kits, let you try BEFORE you buy, so finding your dream LIPPstick has never been easier.

What makes our brand so unique?  39 shades.  5 tubes.  3 finishes.  That’s more than 600 different custom color combinations — and a sure bet we have your perfect lipstick!