The Lipstick Capsule How To

So how do I

create my lipstick capsule?

Start with the basics!  No lipstick capsule is complete without 1) a sexy nude, 2) the perfect red, 3) an everyday neutral and 4) a bold shade for going out.  And since finding the perfect lipstick for your unique skin tone isn’t always easy, here’s how I can help:
STEP 1: Order one of my TRY IT sample kits in either nude, red, neutral or bold.  I’ll send you FOUR shades carefully selected to flatter your unique skin tone…and check back with you a few days later to find out which you loved best.
STEP 2: Order a custom-made FULL TUBE of LIPPstick in your favorite sample shade.
STEP 3: Repeat!  Fill up your makeup bag with the all your lipstick essentiels, and kiss your lipstick woes good-bye — one swipe and go conquer the world!

What is a lipstick capsule?

What do your favorite black dress, sexiest nude pumps and fit-like-a-glove jeans all have in common?  I call them ‘les essentiels’ — those few pieces in your closet you just can’t live without.  Creating a capsule of effortlessly flattering, timeless wardrobe pieces saves you time and money, while guaranteeing you’ll always feel confident and put together no matter what you “throw” on.

But what if you could simplify your makeup bag by creating a capsule of beauty essentiels too?  Investing in a collection of lipstick shades that look and feel amazing is an fabulous step in the right direction.  A lipstick capsule is just that — a wardrobe of lipstick shades for every occasion that flatter your unique skin tone!

What’s the secret to breaking free from your lipstick rut?  Try new shades!  I know, simple and complicated all at once.  But it doesn’t have to be.  I’m here to help — and my skin tone specific TRY IT sample kits take the guesswork out of shopping for your perfect shade.