The Three Most Popular Lipstick Finishes Decoded

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So you’re trying to figure out which lipstick FINISH is best for you.  Confused yet?  Today, we break down the differences between the three main finishes — cream, matte and sheer.  Once you understand what makes each finish unique, figuring out which is “best” for you is truly a matter of preference.  No right or wrong answer.  If it feels good on your lips, go for it! 

  • CREAM – Still the most popular finish, cream lipsticks offer medium coverage and a soft shine.  Usually cream lipsticks are the most comfortable to wear, and are often very hydrating.
  • MATTE – Matte lipsticks offer the most coverage and pigmentation.  These lipsticks are typically the most long-wearing, but are also more drying overall.  Matte lipsticks have minimal sheen.
  • SHEER – Sheer lipsticks have the least amount of coverage.  They need to be touched up frequently since they are not long lasting.  They always appear darker in the tube than on your lips, and have a very glossy finish.

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